Melanie came out of her deep sleep slowly, she stretched her lithe body feeling the warmth of the sun coming in the small mullioned windows and reaching across her exposed breasts.
Her thoughts went to the happenings of last evening, to her friend Jenny and what she had been told. She had heard gossip in the village about the isolated house, about the people who visited, the large cars, the beautiful women. There were whispers suggesting strange goings on, nothing specific but maybe a little on the...dark side.

At first as they finished the delicious dinner cooked by Simon, Jenny's husband, the conversation had roamed around lots of things but as they talked she started drawing together the strands of what she was hearing. She could not remember who had first mentioned the old house, it must have been Jenny for why would she have thought about it, being quite new to the area, she had only been close to the house a couple of times.
It seemed on reflection Jenny was feeding her bits of information and waiting for a response, would she show an interest in what she was hearing, about a secretive society, meetings of powerful people and quite unimaginable goings on in the evenings. Jenny must have been inside the house at some stage, she certainly knew things which no one would glean from even a detailed look from the outside. She was not able to probe further as Simon changed the subject and asked about her work. She told them about her father, the company and her work as a corporate lawyer. Again she had the sense that she was only saying that which was already known and giving confirmation to already held views.

There was nothing in the conversation that stood out in her memory, yes she had certainly drank too much and she knew that when she did she could say things she really should not, but Jenny was a good friend and they had traded confidences before. It was not just the conversation, she noticed that after dinner Simon had left them alone, he had cooked and served the excellent food and eaten with them but Jenny had not paid her husband any attention, if anything Melanie had rather pushed herself at him. She could be a flirt, that thrill of the unknown or the edge that came from that feeling of danger, would she tangle with her best friend’s husband?
They moved to the sofa, large and like everything else in the house expensive and luxurious, how did Jenny afford such things? Simon she thought worked in the city but Jenny did not seem to do much although she had made reference to a small business she ran from her home. As they chatted Simon entered with a small tray and two glasses, he passed one to each of them, his eyes never looked at her, his head was down and she thought he looked, well, distracted but once he had given them their drinks he sat at Jenny's feet, like a little puppy dog she thought. "Let's drink to us" said Jenny, "you and me and fun", well she did drink to that and why not, there had not been much fun in her life since coming to the lonely Yorkshire village 8 months ago. The drink was sweet and, oh yes, she recognised the taste of Aniseed and something she did not know but no matter it tasted good and she drank it much too fast. Without her noticing her glass was taken and replaced with another, equally good.

The open fire glowed across the room and the lights were dimmed, Simon must have done that and now he was standing in the corner of the room, away from them but watching everything as Jenny reached out and pulled her face close, the next thing she knew was that she was being kissed by another woman and she could not or did not want to stop it.
It seemed so natural; they were two beautiful sexy girls, both in their late twenties and, god she needed some comfort, but another woman?
She did not have time to think further, she felt her dress being raised and her legs spread, her panties were pulled roughly down and then she felt a tongue sliding into her wet place. Any inhibitions she may have had had disappeared, she just let that pleasure feeling start and continue.
She did not know how long this not unwelcome assault on her body went on for, but she was suddenly jolted to some sort of reality as her lips were forced apart and a hard cock was pushed to the back of her throat. Resisting was not a possibility, not because she could not, but because she did not want to stop the feeling of being helpless in a situation totally new to her, yes she had enjoyed oral sex with quite a few men but not at the same time as another woman was doing amazing things with her clit, not with her best friends husband and certainly not without her consent and willing participation.

The decision was made in an instant; she knew what she should do, knew what her instinct told her but was it that sweet drink or was it the excitement of the moment; she sucked greedily on the cock and reached out to pull Simon closer to her. She did not notice that Jenny had moved away until Simon, moving quickly withdrew from her mouth and pushed her back onto the sofa. She knew what was coming and opened her legs as he pushed into her and began to fuck her roughly and without any consideration for her. All her previous lovers had been gentle, caring and even though they were taking pleasure from her body they were intent on giving her pleasure.
Simon showed no such feelings, he ripped open the front of her dress, she did not wear a bra and now her breasts were being squeezed and bitten quite hard, she knew she would bear the marks of his hands and teeth. She should stop this assault on her body but she was experiencing new feelings, even the pain of a slap across her face seemed to arouse new pleasures, did she enjoy this?
Simon was talking to her, she realised he had been for some time but the words had not penetrated her mixed up mind. He was telling her to stand and take off what remained of her dress, like an obedient servant she obeyed and then again in answer to his bidding she moved behind the sofa and bent over it. She waited for the fucking to continue, wanting it to start again, she was still on a high, not satisfied and strangely frightened at the strength of her feelings. She arched her back, pushing her well shaped bottom high in the air; she knew she would look great from the back, knew this would bring Simon to a new high. Suddenly she felt hands on her bottom cheeks; they were being spread, roughly pushed apart. Oh No! Not this, she knew that one day a boyfriend may ask this of her but she was not ready, not in this situation, but this is where she was, it was real, it was going to happen to her and once again she could not resist. Melanie braced her legs, not knowing just what to expect.

Jenny’s voice was soft but firm, “step away Simon.” The hands left her bottom “come over here you, Melanie stay just where you are.” She saw Simon come from behind her, naked he stood in front of Jenny, but this was not the Jenny of the dinner table. This Jenny was dressed in a black corset, pulled tight to emphasise her slim waist and her large breasts which stood out, only just held in by the frilly material. She stood legs apart, high heeled shoes emphasising her long legs. Jenny spoke softly, “fetch the chair Simon”. Simon seemed to know just which chair to get, a straight antique spindle back made from hard, polished oak. Placing it behind Jenny he moved back to stand in front of her. Melanie, now transfixed just watched, not even considering her own strange position. Jenny sat on the chair and pointed to Simon then to her knees. He moved to her side and then lay over her knees. Jenny stroked his naked bottom and then looked up at Melanie, “watch carefully young lady, you will be next”. Melanie had no time to think. With a crack Jenny’s hand had started to spank Simon’s bottom. It rose and fell with a regular swift movement, that it was painful was obvious from the groans coming from Simon. The spanking seemed to last for an age until at last Jenny told Simon to stand. He took himself slowly off Jenny’s knees and stood in the far corner of the room, the fire flickering and showing his red and bruised bottom.

Melanie was mesmerised, she had never before seen anything like this, certainly she knew such things happened but not in front of her, not to her but she was shaken out of her thoughts as Jenny’s hand grasped her long hair, she had not even noticed Jenny move across the room and stand behind her. Jenny pulled her by the hair over to the chair, sitting down she commanded Melanie to stand in front of her, dissent did not seem to be an option.
“You wanted excitement in your life and I sought to help you but you have taken advantage of my hospitality, not just that you took advantage of my weak minded husband, he can’t resist a pretty girl or more especially a pretty bottom. Maybe I should have let him complete what he intended”.
“But that’s preposterous” Melanie heard herself saying, “It was you who started this, Simon drugged me and you took advantage of me, do you for one minute think I would have instigated all this”? “Be that as it may no one drugged you, and you were not exactly protesting or protecting your innocence”. Melanie did not have an answer to this, maybe she had drunk a little too much, maybe she did secretly fancy Simon but she certainly had not made a move for Jenny. What’s a girl to do when a tongue is pushing its way into your vagina?

“Now” said Jenny, we will proceed, I want you lady over my knee” she raised her hand to stifle the protest forming on Melanie’s lips, “Don’t be silly, you have no choice in the matter and you know it. Over my knee, bottom high in the air NOW!”  Melanie knew she would do as instructed, even as she moved she felt the first shiver of anticipation, the first tingle of fear but she meekly lay over Jenny’s stockinged legs. Not wanting to annoy Jenny any more she raised her bottom knowing that everything between her legs was on show and that not only Jenny could see but Simon also could not fail to glimpse the wet lips of her sex between her straight legs. She knew that even with her legs closed her sex was on view god knows what it looked like now. There was more though, before the spanking started Jenny gently slid her hands inside and up to the top of Melanie’s thighs, “now spread them wide” she said. Melanie did as she was told, now totally under the spell of the moment, realising that Jenny was in total charge. The feelings she had had ever since first meeting Jenny at the garden fete all manifested themselves and she realised this was the chemistry that had first attracted her to Jenny, the air of authority and of self assurance.

When the spanking started Melanie did not know what to do, all she could think about was the intense pain, how could someone’s hand hurt so much, every inch of her bottom was covered by Jenny’s swift hand. The spanking seemed to go on forever but as it continued the pain was overtaken by a wonderful feeling of fulfilment, Melanie realised she was in orgasm and that the spanking, the revealing position and the pure eroticism of the situation brought her to a shattering climax.
Jenny sensed the feelings, the movements of Melanie’s body and slowed down the spanking and then her hand started to stroke the red and burning bottom. Simon looked over to Jenny and smiled.

Melanie came back to the day, sweat covered her body as she reached under her pillows, felt for her little friend, today was to be a very special day and she meant to get the maximum enjoyment from it.
Placing the small vibrator between her legs she relived the moment when she felt the first sting of Jenny’s hand.